Why The Liberal/National Coalition in Australia Are Sabotaging Gay Marriage

The problem began with the last Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, his involvement with the Catholic Church, which strongly opposes a change to the marriage act, goes back decades. He was once a member of the seminary where he studied to become a priest. His good friend is a certain Cardinal, who is soon to stand trial for pedophilia, as so many others are or have done recently. The latter fills the number 3 post at the Vatican.

The Catholic religion was established by Constantine in 325 AD and is based on huge lies and deception. This emperor was Islamic in his religion because he descended from the Amor, who built Roma (reverse Amor) and hid their previous history under the guise of the Romans. Their brutality, violence, and empire building followed their previous behaviour.

Constantine was obsessed with sole rule when he succeeded his father to the purple. Contemporary authors, such as Sozoman, noted that he had a plan in mind from the beginning to formulate a system by which he could carry it out. That involved the religion and the Vatican, which he built over the temple of Jupiter (Peter in English).

He used that parliament to force everyone into the religion and dissenters were tortured and murdered. His edicts to this effect have survived (Huttman 1915).

The Islamic religion of the Assyrians was complex and important to note. At the heart of it was Mary, the sun-star, whose symbol appears on the flag of Islam, over the mosques, and over the law of just about every country. They believed that by the messages handed down from the sun via the high priest was her directions and that could not be ignored. The Pope now follows in the same vein.

They worshipped a Trinity god-head and Dagon, the fish god, was the Christ. That is why a fish is still the symbol for Christianity. The priest who interpreted the law wore a fish over his body with the large open mouth head over his skull, and the Pope’s mortar and tail is almost identical by comparison. There are images of this on the Internet for those interested enough to look.

With its long history of violence, deceit, and plagiarism the Church is now trying desperately to stop things like gay marriage, or anything else that gets in the way of its sacraments. These rituals all follow those of Babylon and Mary is its chief God. Men who ‘marry’ Mary, such as the priests, cannot take a woman but they can use children to satisfy their sexual urges.

Every religion comes from sun-worship and my reincarnation proves that there is no heaven or hell and everyone has returned to life. That is stated in Job 5:19-21 where it notes that there are six reincarnations before the seventh, which we are about to face as the end of the day is in sight.

The ignorance of the origin of religions and the number of Catholic politicians has allowed the situation that prevails now in the Australian Government. While they are deliberately sabotaging gay marriage and refusing to pass a law in parliament they are dividing the country. The hate messages are already appearing and will worsen before the matter is finalised.

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