Why Marriage Is Not a Contract With God

There are some who are defending the argument that marriage between a man and a woman is a contract with God. This is such a fraudulent claim because no where in the Old Testament is such an agreement mentioned. None of the patriarchs on which Christianity claims to be based ever formally married anyone and they all have concubines. So where does this suggestion come from?

Only in the New Testament is there such mentioned. That is the same document that was written by Jerome, the doctor of the Catholic Church. This religion was established by Constantine based on his Islamic religion from Babylon, which is explained in many of my articles. The Vatican, which he built as his parliament, enforced marriage as a sacrament.

Constantine gave bishops the right to make laws and to carry them out under punishment of torture and death to dissenters. This is something they retain to this day. A major part of the law they created was that all ‘couples’ present to the priest for ‘sanctification’ of their union and that all children of it be brought up as Catholics.

This was the first Christian religion as Constantine put forth the image of Jesus Christ as his authority (Revelation 13:15). Before 325 AD there were no followers of this ‘prophet’ because he had not yet been ‘acknowledged’. This allowed stories of the emperor’s discovery of his birth and death and then converting the nation.

Exactly the same story was given for the rise of Krishna, the third person of the Vedic Trinity, and one on which Jesus Christ appears to have been modelled. By enforcing the marriage law and calling it a ‘sacrament’ the Church flourished and gradually won over the population.

As we are all under the control of the Spirit of the Universe, the real God, no one can make a contract with it. Everything we do, say, even think, is part of its plan to bring the world as we know it to an end. That time is close as we are in the end days. Marriage equality for gay people is neither here nor there in the scheme of things but will give them security under the law.

It is time, therefore, for people to wake up to the great fraud of religious institutions which are determined to protect what they consider is their contract with God. Now it is up to the people in Australia to vote yes to changing the marriage act to allow couples of whatever sex to marry.

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